Meet Your Muslim Neighbors (2/19/17)


 Looking forward to another interesting and informative outing!


Yesterday's extraordinary House of Worship program was outstanding! The panel was super, the venue perfect, and, of course, thefood de-lish!  The feedback I am getting this morning is more than positive! Thank you for making this program - and programs like it - possible for all of us!  It's a blessing! Thanks also for letting me bring the Grandrascals!  We had a wonderful conversation when we got home about how people pray and worship.  Priceless!


Perfectly timed and organized! Thanks for getting together such an interesting group of speakers to say nothing of the attendees you attracted. Now we have to do something! We made a start at St. Andrew’s this morning.


I felt the tour was particularly timely considering what is going on in our country. I thought the tour was well organized, informative and, for me personally, uplifting in that I could be supportive of the Muslim community in this way. I thank you for all your work in this area.


The tour of the mosques, wonderful, the speakers, excellent! Today I attended a program at St. Andrews United Methodist Church in San Clemente, entitled Building Community with Our Muslim Neighbors. The originally scheduled speaker had to cancel due to the death of a friend. The speaker that filled in for her was none other than Maria Khani. What a joy it was hear her speak, helping us to understand in more detail about the Muslim faith.


Thank you for a wonderful event, and the chance to become acquainted with neighbors of all backgrounds! I shall certainly spread the word and encourage others to attend your events.


Many thanks for once again providing a wonderful venue for faith entities to come together to talk, pray and learn about one another. Breaking bread was fun and delicious too!


Being Muslim in Orange County in 2017 could not have proven more timely. With Religious Freedom being threatened by the current administration and the Muslim ban evoked on Friday, but then stayed by the courts as we met on Saturday, this Tour gave each of us the opportunity to ask questions, hear good answers and share dialogue with new friends. You are doing God's work and for that we are all grateful. Thank you for all that you do and for the heart you have for these interfaith matters. I look forward to more upcoming events such as this.


The more people learn about the faith, the more they accept the faith. In turn, the hatred and the animosity that leads to heinous crimes such as burning the houses of worship will be reduced regardless of which faith one chooses to follow.


Thank you for organizing the tours of the Islamic Institute of O.C. and the Islamic Society of O.C., the presentations and panel discussion. I learned so much and have a deeper appreciation of Islam and greater respect for Muslims as a result. The spirit and hospitality touched me deeply. I feel that I have so much in common with my Muslim brothers and sisters. Their faith, love and respect impressed me deeply. I feel so much more of a kinship with Muslims than I have in the past. I pray that we all can live with a deeper faith, a greater love and a more profound respect for people of all faiths in this time of political turmoil. Thank you again.


Thank you for the special tour Sunday. The mosques were welcoming, and the panels were especially informative. The food was good and plentiful. The effort that you put in to planing and coordinating the event paid off handsomely, and now 100 or more people now know how excellent a program the House of Worship Tour is.


Just wanted to thank you for all the work you did to create such an amazing event yesterday. I feel I have so many more tools and ideas and resources as a result of all the connections you helped create.